uClassify automatically tags documents.


uClassify is a free web service where you can easily create your own text classifiers. You can also directly use classifiers that are shared by the community.

So what do you want to classify on? Only your imagination is the limit!

Latest news

Lately uClassify has gotten a lot of attention and the user community has grown at a faster rate. We are ...

uClassify has been around since October 2008, and to date has almost 15000 registered users and nearly 2000 classifiers. All this ...

Lately we have been getting a lot requests to our sentiment classifier, many are from social media analyst companies. In ...

uClassify is an open tool to allow users to create and share classifiers. Todo this uClassify provides three APIs (URL, ...

With the keywords API you can extract relevant/discriminating words from texts, this opens up a lot of possibilities for developers. ...

Classification Stats

Total: 651061259
Classifiers: 2807
Users: 27468

Sites using uClassify

Here are some web sites that are using uClassify (longer list).

UrlAi.com Extracts posts from a blog and runs them through a set of classifiers such as Gender, Age, Mood and Tonality.
TrollGuard.com TrollGuard is a free WordPress plugin that protects your blog from spam comments.
Typealyzer.com This innovative site finds out the Myers-Briggs writing style, using psychological text analysis. Check it out!
GenderAnalyzer.com This neat web site figures out if a blog is written by a man or woman, using the uclassify web service. There is also a poll on the site where we can see how well it works. Really exciting!