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Categories an English text into a home topic. Use the parent classifier 'Topics' to find out if a text belongs in this category. It uses a subset of topics from the Open Directory Project at http://www.dmoz.org.


Classify method:
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The API allows you to access classifiers from your own site. You can find the full API documentation here. To use this classifier on your site you need a read API key, you can obtain one for free by signing up. In the examples below just exchange 'YOUR_READ_API_KEY_HERE' with your personal read key.


Please remember to give appropiate credits if you use it on your website, here is an example:

The Home Topics classifier is hosted by uclassify.com.

URL API (supports XML and JSON responses)

Here is an URL example of how to classify a text from an external site:

http://uclassify.com/browse/uClassify/Home Topics/ClassifyText?readkey=YOUR_READ_API_KEY_HERE&text=This+is+the+text+to+classify&version=1.01

You must exchange 'YOUR_READ_API_KEY_HERE' with your personal read API key to make this work.


Post the XML to http://api.uclassify.com using a post request. Note that since this is a published classifier the 'username' attribute is set to 'uClassify' in the <classify> element. This enables the API to recoginize published classifiers in foreign accounts.

All you need to know is in the API documentation , however if you struggle please don't hesitate to contact us!