Text Language


Classifies the language of a text by looking on about 4000 commonly used words per language. It works best with clean texts but can also be used for HTML pages. For reliable results HTML pages need more text content (since HTML often contains English words and comments).


Classify method:
Enter text to classify (html tags not allowed):


The API allows you to access classifiers from your own site. You can find the full API documentation here. To use this classifier on your site you need a read API key, you can obtain one for free by signing up. In the examples below just exchange 'YOUR_READ_API_KEY_HERE' with your personal read key.


Please remember to give appropiate credits if you use it on your website, here is an example:

The Text Language classifier is hosted by uclassify.com.

URL API (supports XML and JSON responses)

Here is an URL example of how to classify a text from an external site:

http://uclassify.com/browse/uClassify/Text Language/ClassifyText?readkey=YOUR_READ_API_KEY_HERE&text=This+is+the+text+to+classify&version=1.01

You must exchange 'YOUR_READ_API_KEY_HERE' with your personal read API key to make this work.


Post the XML to http://api.uclassify.com using a post request. Note that since this is a published classifier the 'username' attribute is set to 'uClassify' in the <classify> element. This enables the API to recoginize published classifiers in foreign accounts.

All you need to know is in the API documentation , however if you struggle please don't hesitate to contact us!